Best laptop available in India: a list of best laptops – choose a best laptop in India

Best laptop in India: Buy a best laptop: how to get a best laptop in India – best laptop ever in India

Which is the best laptop in India and how to find the list of top laptops in India? We will answer all these questions in this post where we will find best laptop for each category in India.

Finding best laptop in India can get quite difficult considering plethora of factors involved in it. For instance, some best laptops under 20000 will be different from one under 60000 range. Having said that, we will try to list as many as best laptops from different categories.

Things to look out for when choosing best laptop in India.

1. Screen size: are you a type of person who is always on the move? If so and you prefer travelling light, consider getting a small laptop with 11 inch screen. If you ought to have a big screen, then having something like an ultrabook laptop with 15 inch screen in India makes more sense. In order words, if you will be spending most of your time sitting on a desk, typical 17 inch laptop or 15 incher would do better than a 11″.

Best laptop in India 2016

2. Storage: Coming to storage, you have two options. If you speed and you don’t store a lot, the best way is going the SSD way. It also makes data stored on your laptop more secure. However if all you want is lots of storage, then it is more sensible to go for hard disk drive that will give you between 500-1000 GB of storage.

3. Optical drive: If you still rely on optical disks or DVD drive for multimedia content, then better to go for big 15″, 14″, 13″ and 17″ laptops that usually come with DVD drives. Otherwise, there are plenty of laptops these days that come without one. This helps in reducing the overall weight.

When it comes to choose the best laptop in India, we need to know the budget first. Because there are best laptops under 20000, best laptops under 30000 and best laptops under 50000. There are also different laptop categories. And there are some people who like to buy a laptop based on the processor they have. For instance, there is huge demand for cheap i3 laptop in India. Same goes for i5 processors that is a choice of professionals. So we will divide this post into various categories so you can find the best laptop in India easily.

List of best laptops in India 2016 edition

Asus A555LA-XX2561T [asa]B01C70HO6S[/asa]

This Asus laptop comes with windows 10 pre installed and has strong build quality. Offering great performance, this Asus laptop has latest i3 ultrabook processor backed by 4GB RAM, 1TB hard disk and 15.6 inch high definition screen. It features whopping 1TB (1000GB) hard disk and 4GB RAM, making it one of the best overall laptops in India.
Asus A555LA-XX2561T

# 2GHz Intel Core i3-5005U processor
# 1TB 5400rpm Serial ATA hard drive
# 15.6-inch screen, Intel HD Graphics
# Windows 10 operating system

iBall Excelance CompBook [asa]B01FHE9L7Q[/asa]

Folks at iBall had an ambition – to create cheapest windows 10 laptop in India and they were quite successful. It is the only laptop under 10000 rupees in India and is best laptop in India for doing basic computers tasks, college work, office work and more. It is good enough for some photoshop as well but our favorite feature is its battery life. You will be able to squeeze out more than 8 hours of real world battery runtimes out of it.
iBall Excelance CompBook

# 1.83GHz Intel Atom Z3735F processor
# 32GB flash storage
# 11.6-inch screen, Integrated Graphics
# Windows 10 operating system
# 1.09kg laptop

Lenovo G50-80 80E502Q8IH [asa]B015SK6RWQ[/asa]

If you were wondering how to get the best laptop in India, consider checking out this Lenovo laptop packing latest i3 processor, 1000GB hard disk and 4GB RAM.
Lenovo G50-80 80E502Q8IH

# 5th Gen Intel Core i3-5005U 2.0Ghz Processor
# 4GB DDR3 RAM (1*4GB, L1600)
# 1TB 5400rpm Serial ATA hard drive
# 15.6-inch screen, Integrated Graphics

Lenovo IdeaPad 100S-11IBY [asa]B01G1G4NFO[/asa]

This is the best 11 inch laptop in India right now offering quad core computing and eight hour battery life at low price tag. It weighs just under one kilo and has expandable storage via micro SD card slot too. Also comes with one year free Office 365 subscription, so you will be productive out of box.
Lenovo IdeaPad 100S-11IBY

# 1.83GHz Intel Atom Z3735F processor
# 32GB flash memory
# 11.6-inch screen, Integrated Graphics
# Windows 10 operating system
# 1kg laptop

Acer One 10 S1002-15XR [asa]B01ABTQD3W[/asa]: 2 in 1 laptop with touchscreen

Acer One 10 is quite frankly the most innovative laptop out there with a unique 2 in 1 detachable laptop design with touchscreen functionality, quad core processor and compact design. You can take it anywhere easily and it is a complete joy to use it in tablet-only mode. It has the power to handle your daily tasks and even do some video editing as the new Atom-chipset offers strong hardware video acceleration.
Acer One 10 S1002-15XR

# 1.33GHz Intel Atom Z3735F processor
# 32GB flash storage
# 10.1-inch screen, Intel HD Graphics
# Windows 10 Operating System

HP 15-AC168TU [asa]B01BU0KS5K[/asa]: comes pre loaded with windows 10

There are not a lot of laptops with 15” screen that come with pre loaded with windows 10. Usually you have to get it installed through someone else or yourself but this has genuine OS pre-installed. It is cheapest 15” windows 10 laptop in India and offers great bang for money. It yields decent performance too.
HP 15-AC168TU

# 1.9GHz Intel Pentium 3825U processor
# 500GB 5400rpm Serial ATA hard drive
# 15.6-inch screen, Intel HD Graphics
# Windows 10 operating system

Lenovo Ideapad 500 80NT00PAIN [asa]B01B1AD32E[/asa]: performance of a 1,00,000 laptop – buy best laptop in India

This laptop smokes super powerful gaming laptops that cost near 1 lakh rupees. While it looks business-like, its innards are crazy packing latest i7 processor and AMD Meso graphics card. Couple that with 8GB RAM and 1000GB hard disk and you are looking at best laptop in India under 60000 rupees. It has top-notch keyboard and multi touch trackpad.
Lenovo Ideapad 500 80NT00PAIN

# 2.5GHz Intel Core i7-6500U processor
# 1TB 5400rpm Serial ATA hard drive
# 15.6-inch screen, AMD Meso XT 4GB Graphics

HP 15-ac184TU [asa]B0177IQQ5K[/asa]

Premium build quality and powerful performance were never this cheap, plus this laptop is backed by excellent HP support which is a big plus for some. The keyboard has chiclet style keys and offers amazing feedback when typing. Coupled with dedicated numpad and you have a great laptop for typing in numbers. It has latest i3 processor, 4GB RAM and 1TB hard disk (1000GB), offering necessary ingredients for one of the top laptops to buy in India.
HP 15-ac184TU

# 2GHz Intel Core i3 5005U processor
# 1TB 5400rpm Serial ATA hard drive
# 15.6-inch screen, Intel HD 5500 Graphics

Lenovo Ideapad 110 80TJ00BNIH [asa]B01K1TTZSM[/asa]: features AMD Raderon GPU

This is the latest offering from Lenovo with powerful AMD A8 quad core processor and discrete Radeon GPU for decent multimedia performance. Thanks to its graphics card, you will have no problem playing high definition movies, entry-level games and smoother experience when doing video editing or graphic designing. Lenovo Ideapad 110 is one of the best laptops in India under 30000 rupees.
Lenovo Ideapad 110 80TJ00BNIH

# 2.5GHz AMD A8-7410 processor
# 1TB 5400rpm Serial ATA hard drive
# 15.6-inch screen, AMD R16M-M1-30 2GB Graphics
# 4 hours battery life, 2.2kg laptop