Cheapest laptop with DVD drive in India 2020 – Cheap laptops with dvd drive under 20000 in India

Best laptop with DVD under 20000 in India – cheapest laptops with DVD optical drive India 2020

What things you should look for when buying the cheapest laptop with DVD in India? You should look out for processor, battery life, hard disk space, memory etc.

Which is the best and cheapest laptop with DVD drive in India from a reputable laptop manufacture? This is the question many Indians have when buying a cheap laptop with optical drive in India. You see, while there are a lot of cheap windows 10 laptops and best netbooks in India, they do not come with a built in DVD drive.

cheapest laptop with dvd in india 2020

There are still a lot of Indian people that prefer buying a laptop, especially their first laptop to have an optical drive. And they are totally right about it as they still might have a lot of media that is still stored on the optical disks and they just want to play media off them.

Having an optical DVD drive is also an easiest way for them to load software, games, music and operating system. Another reason why people buy cheap laptops with optical drive in India is the fact that they find backing up their data the easiest by writing the data on the DVD drives that can store around 4.7GB at a time. Also, a lot of rented movies come on DVD disks and if you do not have an external DVD drive, you will have no way to play it on your laptop.

Cheapest laptop with DVD drive in India 2020

Lenovo V130

Lenovo V130 is the cheapest laptop with DVD in India. It comes with 8th generation Intel i3 processor and 4GB RAM which runs Windows 10 like a champ.

It has 1TB hard disk storage and DVD drive which is great for media junkies and those who install a lot of applications and games on their laptops.

Lenovo V130

Processor: Intel I3-8130U processor, base speed 2.2 Ghz, max speed 3.4 Ghz, 2 Cores, 4 MB smart cache
Operating System: This is DOS based Laptop
Display: 15-inch screen with (1366 x 768) HD display | Anti Glare Technology | Connectivity: 802.11ac 1×1 Wi-Fi + Bluetooth 4.2 | Audio: Stereo Speakers Dolby Audio
Memory: 4GB DDR4 RAM | Storage: 1TB HDD
Design & battery: Thin and Light Laptop | 180 Degree Hinge | Laptop Weight: 1.8 kg | Battery Life: Upto 6 Hrs as per MobileMark 2014
This genuine Lenovo Laptop comes with 1 year onsite warranty

There are a number of reasons why one might still choose to get a laptop with DVD drive

First laptop – It could be that you are buying your first laptop. In case of first time laptop users, having DVD drive is a must. One is accustomed to DVD drive in many ways and there could be plenty of media and important files that could have been still stored on a DVD or CD. That is why, if you are buying laptop for the first time, go for a cheap laptop with DVD drive.

Convenience – If something goes wrong with your laptop, the best way is to start afresh by reinstalling the operating system and applications. Now while a lot of techies know how to install windows using flash drive, it is not easy for an average user who has trained himself to install windows using DVD. That is why a lot of people stay away from netbooks and ultrabooks as they afraid of not having a DVD drive onboard on those devices. Also, if you are into cheap gaming laptops and movies, you should go for laptop with dedicated graphics card onboard for better user experience.

DVD media – May be one’s business revolves around DVD media. For instance, a lot of professional people opt for a laptop with DVD over without DVD model as they write and read a lot of DVD and CD disks in a day. DVD drive is also very important especially if you are looking for a cheap laptop for movies as most of such media still comes on DVD or CD. Having DVD drive inbuilt gives you a lot of convenience.